Welcome Random Readers!

This is my first official blog post on A MaeDay Life, so please come, read, enjoy, then like, share, subscribe.
That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?  I don’t know… I’m new to this whole actually wanting readers thing.

Let’s get to the business of blogging.  Write what you know, right?

I know this:  

  • I wanted to start a blog because I wanted to carve out a little piece of the world to be authentically me.  Essentially I want to lie to my IRL people, and be true to you imaginary ones.  Okay maybe not- but you have no expectations, and no preconceived notions of me, so I can say and do and be what I am.
  • Our generation (or my generation as it seems) is traversing a new paradigm of virtual community, and I feel like I need to engage in that world building- not as an engineer, but a citizen.
  • I miss talking about smart people about stupid things.  I got my degree and I got my grownup job, and now I spend 40 hours a week in this world where life isn’t really about anything.  As I look around at this grownup world, I find more people trudging than traversing.
  • I tend to be a launcher of projects, but not a finisher.  Some of my favorite parts are the set up- and then I’m not so thrilled with the follow-up.  But I want that to change.  And I want that to change with this.

So I started a blog.  Something I could be honest and open and engaging and committed to.  And I named it for all those thing:  Mae for my middle name (“e” is not a constant typo- it’s a Scottish thing) that keeps me tied to my truer self, because those in my facade life rarely know it.  Day for you know… these are days? Life because that’s what this blog is about… my life.  All the books and art and friends and insanity of it.

And I am a geek.  So it had to be perfect when you put it all together.  And I’m honestly a little bit of a sinking ship.  Partly because I refuse to give into the convention of putting my English Degree to use in my grammar, partly because I can’t get it together to do laundry in a timely manner, and partly because if you are honest with yourself, and the people in your life- you probably have a few leaks too.

This blog is not a quarter life crisis- I am happily trudging through the second quarter of my life.  This something else.  Taking a stand, maybe- or shouting from the electronic rooftop.  Either way, this blog is about me, in the now, in this life.

And I hope you like it, and you subscribe, and you hang around for the ride.


PS- I think we can call this my first official post- though I will leave the test post up as the first real official post, for posterity sake.


  1. Hello, and welcome to blogging.

    I popped over because you popped over- fitting for this new virtual citizenship- and find this really good for a first post. Congratulations, have fun, and keep traversing. I find the point of knowing grammatical rules is knowing when to break them: what looks silly, and what creates an effect.

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