MAEDAY: Lost & Forgotten

Do you ever have a day when everything seems to be lost and forgotten?

That’s today.

Now don’t go getting the notion that I’m just going to posting on every lunch break… but this is the sort of day I’m having, so I’m gonna share.

With this new blog, I ventured into Google’s Authenticator… a magical security system which will save us all from being hacked… except for…

I lost my phone. Somewhere between our home office, and my bedroom (roughly 50 feet with no deviations or even 90* corners) I managed to lose my cell phone at home last night. That’s fine. I live with my family- they set me an alarm for me. I live at home- everyone there is trusted, so it’s not like I’m afraid they will steal it. I can live without my phone at work- I have work to do after all…


Google Authenticator.

It’s a beast.
Of immense security for your personal work life.
And it keeps everything safe and sound for you.

Until your phone isn’t with you.
And your print outs failed (and it was midnight so you didnt care).
And you are at work, and its Friday and you just want to do stuff and things…

Like blog.

This post is brought to you by the power of the email function.
The spelling and formatting errors of this post are brought to you by the lack of power of my work computer (and my failure to pay attention to the boring teachers in primary school).

Because I’ve lost my phone.
And forgotten my mind.

And am ready to go home.

Is it the weekend yet?


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