A Guy’s Guide to Girl’s BC

SpoilerAlert: If you are sensitive to comedy, medical facts, or sensible discussions about adult sexuality, you should stop reading here…

and maybe not come back.  Just sayin’ -honesty and humor are sort of a thing here. (I will always welcome other views- so long as they are presented in love, and with respect for all- but that being said, this is my blog.)

Check this video out:

It is the most concise (I can’t explain the door knob in a 1:33- that is one minute thirty three seconds), clear, accurate, and wonderfully unabashedly direct explanation of “The Pill” as this video I’ve ever seen or heard.

I’m a firm believer in young women (and old women for that matter) taking control of their bodies, and understanding the pros, cons, and science behind their choices.  I am a firm believer in the right to choose (no matter what choice you make).  And I’m a firm believer that men are just as responsible for reproduction as women, and as such, should be involved in the education, discussion, and rights there in.

But not enough young (and old) men know their (and subsequently our) stuff.  “Girl Stuff” is gross, and weird, and alien (because wet dreams were so normal sounding when I was in the seventh grade health class- sarcasm), and so  any attempt at an intellectual (or educational) discussion is rebuffed.

The problem, and prejudice, and educational discrepancy is more than the left vs. right, or man vs. women argument intellectual and political pundents make it out to be.  These problems are radically ingrained in our culture, our educational traditions, even our social norms.  I left that seventh grade health class having a much deeper understanding of the mechanics of reproduction of the male body than I ever got (even through high school) on the female system- even though women’s bodies effectively “bare the brunt” of the whole baby making situation.

So why does something like this matter?  Because roughly half the worlds population can make babies.  And the other half join in on that.  Meaning roughly 100% of humanities physiological adults (adults according to body development, not brains- as exemplified by my big brother- love you D!) are involved in reproduction.

But we still live in a world (rather, I live in an America) where people argue if these simple facts should be told to young adults.  Where this information can be seen as corrupting, and immoral and degrading to society.  Meaning we bury and shame these simple little sciences which affect everyone.  While young people (and old people, too) continue to have sex without protection, leaving them vulnerable to the bigger, much more damaging effects of actual issues: misconstrued medical facts, unwanted pregnancies, being faced with “the right to choose” choice, long term illnesses, injuries, and heartbreaks (not to mention whole new tiny humans who have to be considered).

So watch this video.  And corrupt yourself.

Share this video.  And corrupt the future.

Because knowledge is power, and power over one’s own life is a right no-one, not even your crazy loving parents, should take away.

Loves, Mae

PS- Later on I plan to post on my thoughts about the adult’s right to choose, and the parent’s right to direct children’s moral and science education.  I welcome comments, discussions, and debate- but I ask that you speak (and type) with love for all involved.  XOXO-Mae


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