Five Friday Favorites: January 31, 2014

Sorry it’s Saturday on half the planet- but I’m running behind on life (I ended up back at the office on Thursday night).  But here’s Five Favorites for Friday!

  1. Vanilla Marshmallows– I keep a bag of minis under my desk for coco emergencies, but the vanilla ones make my heart, and hot coco sing!
  2. Costco Gas Stations- I’m not a math major, but $50 for a Costco card, and 70c a gallon savings means I make the difference after about 6 Prius fill-ups.  So yeah- that works.
  3. Friday Night Pizza Night- Newsflash to any Romantic-type Prospects, my Dad and I have a Friday routine of Pizza and semi-intellectual TV and occasionally alcoholic beverages.  You can join in, but you cant break it up.
  4. Co-workers Treat– My boss isn’t the kind of person who foots the bill without the company footing the bill.  But I have an amazing co-worker who picked up lunch, without any reason today.
  5. Catalogs– They may be a thing of the past, and something that is rapidly falling out of favor- but I love getting them in the mail and thumbing through all the options.

What do you love this week?  (My 6th thing is commentators!)

Loves, Mae




    • Why would I be surprised about your Friday routine of the weather channel? I feel like that might have been our Friday routine, back in the day. I went to Costco today, and the crowds made me miss our Tuesday Costco routine. Also, they had mizritha cheese blend, if you’re looking for way too much cheese for one person to eat!

  1. 1) Being able to chill out for the rest of the day once I’ve dropped my son off at school (his Dad collects him on Fridays)
    2) Catching up with American Horror Story (sadly finished this week. Boo!)
    3) Knowing the following day is cleaning day. Hey, I’m anal and I love getting my house back in order after a messy fun filled week. Don’t judge me 🙂
    4) Family meal time. Sitting round the table with the tribe chattering about our week.
    5) The knowledge that my alarm clock won’t be rudely tearing me from my dreams the following morning xx

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