Five Favorite Friday: February 21, 2014

It’s Friday!!! Huzzahhh!!

  1. This week, Friday is a favorite, because even though this was a short week (Monday was an American Holiday:  Presidents Day) it took forever to get here.
  2. Boss on vacation.  ‘nuf said.
  3. My knock-off California Pizza Kitchen Thai Crunch Salad.  It takes forever to make for a lunch, but I’ve been really into it.
  4. TLC’s the Little Couple.  In anticipation for the March 4th release of the new (or continued) season, I have been watching back episodes.  It’s nice to see normal people living their lives, committed to their lives not a television persona.  It’s also nice to see them protecting images of their newly adopted child until the family has had time to adjust to life in a new family, country, and continent.
  5. My IRL Friends.  Now, internet friends, dont get down.  I’m just very appreciative for a handful of folks who take my call, call me, and with whom I get to have game night without worrying about being slaughtered (I’m sure you are all very very nice people, but it is the Internet- and we have the Lifetime channel).

What are you in love with this week?

I’m always in love with you, XOXOX Mae


Thoughts? Share them!

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