Top Ten Tuesday: March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by Broke and Bookish.  If you haven’t noticed, I love a good list, and a good theme, and a good chance to spread the love (or talk about myself, depending on the day)… so I thought I could incorporate it into my weekly routine.  We’ll be up to 3+ posts a week in no time!

Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. James Joyce– as a bona fide Literature Degree holding member of Bookish Online Society, I should have read his works by now.  I should have studied him.  I should have done more than started a small, but intimidating collection of copies of Ulysses.  On the plus side, I do own multiple copies.  And they do look lovely on the bookshelf.
  2. Norman Mailer– often appears as a “must read” American author, but the opportunity never presented itself.  I have no fear or trepidation about his work, I just don’t know much about his work and have exposed myself to it yet.
  3. Joseph Heller– known as one of the greatest (and earliest) modern physchological writers in the English language, but I’ve never jumped on his train.  Lobster K took up the fight for his place on my bookshelf, and I knew even in highschool I should make time for him, but I never did.
  4. Vladimir Nabokov– one word for you: Lolita.  It has striken fear and loathing and concern into my literary heart for years now… but I just stole a copy from Sgt. Smarty Pants, so I should get on it before he wants it back.
  5. C.S. Lewis (non-fiction)– I teethed (literally and literately) on Narnia, but I haven’t delved into his non-fiction works, which are declared to be a sin in my Christian Readers circles.
  6. Joseph Conrad– avert your eyes, former teachers and professors of mine… I know I held that book speaking intelligently about it in your class.  I know I wrote papers that passed muster… but yeah… didn’t read it.
  7. Truman Capote– childhood best friend of Harper Lee, acclaimed American investagator, and amazing author… that I’ve never picked up.
  8. Alice Monro– one of the top Canadian authors of all times, but I’ve never ventured into her works… even with a class focused on Canadian Literature.
  9. Ian McEwan– Author of Atonement… and someone who should be read and watched and engaged with, unless you are me, and can’t get it together.
  10. J.J. Abrams– No geek is without her J.J.Abrams moment…. and we all have an intellectual crush on him, but last year published a trans-media mystery project… and I cant wait to take the time to get my hands on it.


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