Top Ten Tuesday: (Spring TBR) March 18, 2014

Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 To Be Read List

  1. The Dead of Night (Tomorrow Series Book 2) by John Marsden
    REREAD: As the war burns like a bush fire in Australia, how with the kids cope with missing friends, family, and the end of the world as they know it?
  2. A Killing Frost (Tomorrow Series Book 3) by John Marsden
    REREAD: Facing capture and imprisonment, the kids most no longer need to fight to survive… but now they must come to terms with their choices.
  3. Darkness Be My Friend (Tomorrow Series Book 4) by John Marsden
    REREAD: Recruited to officially join the war, the kids have to choose between safety, and the opportunity to face their demons again.
  4. Burning For Revenge (Tomorrow Series Book 5) by John Marsden
    Abandoned by the very allies who returned them to the warfront, the kids have to face guerrilla war again… and this time, they’ve decided if it’s suicide, they are okay with it.
  5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, narrated by Anne Hathaway
    A classic tale of girl gets swallowed by nature and finds a supernatural world… narrated by one of the most wonderfully expressive female voices in Hollywood.
  6. Insurgent (Divergent Book 2) by Veronica Roth
    Even the title fascinates me- immoderately turning your hero into a morally objectionable player in war, how will Tris affect this world where she never fit in?
  7. Allegiant (Divergent Book 3) (Divergent Book 3) by Veronica Roth
    Will Tris change everything like Katness did?  Or will this become another sad disappointment in the long chain of girl power trilogy conclusions?  And just who are these allies?
  8. Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith
    It’s all in the Amazon description “Warning: This novel includes a lady who refuses to stay kidnapped, a devilish duke with a dark past, and an assortment of charming rogues who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.”
  9. Lexicon by Max Barry
    I received Lexicon from my Book Riot Quarterly Subscription in January… and I keep meaning to pick it up from the coffee table where it has sat since…
  10. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
    I don’t really know what this book is, or why it is already purchased and on my kindle… but there it is, staring at me every time I reach for something else, and it seems like it should be read.

See any patterns there???  I think I might be on a bit of an action-adventure sort of role, with sides of awkward youth and a depressing adult life status.

This regular feature here at A MaeDay Life is a part of The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday’s.  This week’s theme was “Top Ten Books in Your Spring To Be Read List”



  1. I just got Allegiant from the library and I plan on starting it as soon as I finish my current book. I’m kind of nervous to read it because a lot of people didn’t like it as much as the first two. However, I’ve always been a bit of an odd ball, so I might love it. 🙂 I’ve never read Things Fall Apart, but it’s one of those books I know I should read, but I keep avoiding.

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