Five Favorite Friday: March 21, 2014

What a wonderful end to a very long week.  Thank goodness it’s over, right?  Well no matter how long the week takes- it always gets to Friday… and I’m always happy to share what got me through the week.

  1. My subscription.  Our local DJ’s are getting repetitive, and by listening to books on my almost two hours worth of drive time a day, I feel much more productive (and better about my other current reading habits).
  2. Since I basically live out of a bag and a laundry basket during the week, my Curvyman from Nite Ize prevents one of the greatest first world frustrations in life- tangled headphones.  It’s really the worst part of the brilliance of hair style saving ear buds.

    Curveyman from

  3. I live out of my Custom Laptop Bags from TimBuk2.  I use a medium, that is high reflective (I’m terrified to get run over in the parking-lot, especially on a Friday night) and mine has an awesome teal patterned center panel for a little kick.  It’s roomy, it has a million pockets, and it has absolutely all the features I ever wanted- until the release a new version that I HAVE to have.

    My next TimBuk2, maybe… I haven’t decided.

  4. The end of Girl Scout Cookie Season.  We turned in all of our paperwork.  WOOOOOOO!!! It’s time to… party sleep in past 8 on Saturday.
  5. We The Kings / CTFxC tour vlogs.  Watching Charles’ vlogs from tour are like being a roadie with one of your favorite bands- but with good beds, warm showers, and the lovelyness of a 10 minute limit with the boys.  Seriously, there’s a reason Ally doesn’t tour with them!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae


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