Introducing The A to Z Challenge

What are you doing with April?

I’m being #173.  One hundred and seventy three out of more than a thousand.  What’s that you say?  Mae, don’t think of yourself as a number.

Generally, I would agree with you- but this is one of those rare times when those of us who can’t run marathons get numbered and it’s a good thing.  You see, April means the A-to-Z Challenge.  A whole month when us book and word types get to let the core of the thing we love, the alphabet, take over our little corners of the Internets.  And I am #173.  Out of more than a thousand.

I’m in awe.  More than a thousand people is a lot of people.  It’s more people than my department had at University.  It’s more people than my high school had the first day the doors opened.  A thousand people is a lot of people.  And I am number one hundred and seventy three.

And what will we be doing, all these people?

Posting on our blogs.  Exploring the written word.  Examining our lives from A to Z – all according to this calendar.

Really that’s all the rules there are.  Start on A, on Tuesday the First, and end 30 days later with Z.  Take off Sunday, because it’s Gods day, and because it works that way, and because everyone, even bloggers need a break (also because there are only 26 days in the alphabet and Sunday’s are convenient to take off).

Now some blogs in the Challenge have themes, and other’s don’t.  Mine will be poetry.  I’m committing to getting 26 fresh poems out into the world by April 30th.  These will all have been written in 2014, and so far I’ve written about 2 of them (I have really got to get on that!).  Poetry to me is one of those things that rarely sees the light of day.  I don’t share what I write, in part because I feel like you I can never really finish a poem, and in part because I’m afraid that people will misinterpret or, possibly worse, correctly interpret my words.

So I guess if I had to put it in one word this whole month will be about BRAVERY.  Being brave enough to write poem after poem, and being brave enough to share them with you, my regular readers, and with the world, and with the trolls too.

You’ll know my posts for A to Z by a great big letter at the top, and this banner at the bottom:

I’m using the banner, in part because I’m adding this project to my usual goal of regular posting here at A MaeDay Life.  So if you hate poems, or my poems in particular, you don’t have to go anywhere- you can just skip these posts.

If you’re interested in poetry, or my work, I encourage you to respond to my words.  It’s a rare event for me to share, so I’d genuinely like to hear what you have to say- even if you are a troll (it’s cool, I’ve been called the B**ch word enough, I’ve got a thick skin).

And if you are into the whole idea and  want to find a few other blogger’s A-to-Z  Challenge projects, check out the big Theme Reveal at The Multicolored Diary happening today or the great big list (there are 1400-ish blogs on it) at The A-to-Z Challenge.

So here I go… jumping in head first.  With 1400 other people.

Good thing the internet has a deep pool!

Tell me, are you one of the 1400?  And if you’re not, are you going to read along with us crazy folks?

Loves, Mae


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