I called Montreal today…

And passersby were shocked when I greeted the receptionist in French.

Because I’m secretly


And I took French in college.

Bonjour! Parle l’anglais? No… c’est bien- je cherche un voucher de reste.

It’s not good French (I’m confident that the French and/or Quebecois have a word for receipt- but I don’t know it. “Voucher of stay” was the best I could come up with on the fly), but it works in a pinch.

Apparently it is impressive to know where all 10 provinces and 3 territories are, and how to say things like Regina, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg, or how ice hockey and curling and darts work.  It might impress people here (many of my co-workers have never been out of the states of Oregon or SW Washington), but I said a little prayer of thanks when the accountant spoke crystal clear English.  Because you know- I know it’s not good French.

What do you do to surprise those around you?
What “secrets” are you inadvertently hiding from your co-workers?

Loves, Sarah Mae

PS- I don’t actually try to hide the fact I grew up partly in Canada.  I really love many places there, and tolerate enjoy visits to my family there.  I even bust out an Scottish Canadian immigrant accent (a cross between my grandmothers strong Scottish brogue and my cousins soft Ontario drag) when I speak to our Canadian divisions (or my family).  I just do really well projecting American when I’m in America.



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