Five Favorite Friday: March 28, 2014

Oh Fridays, how sweetly you come.

  1. Telecommuting.  Oh yeah, a paid day in a hoodie and jeans.  And I’m able to keep an eye on things at home.
  2. Spring rain storms- I think the kids on Spring break here in Oregon hate that it’s been pouring all week, but I love it.
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  3. The prospect of a weekend, unscheduled.
  4. Veronica Mars (Season One)- though I was the right demographic when it was on TV, I wasn’t intrested.   I thought I’d watch some on Amazon Prime with the new Kickstarter funded movie in theaters, and now I’m hooked.  Totally fabulous.  (this is probably where a fair share of my rainy unscheduled weekend will go!)
  5. A most excellent online community.  I had a brain injury hard week, and everyday I got to read a mailbox full of interesting things from interesting people.  I love you guys!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae



  1. I love that we are allowed to get a jump on our A-Z blogs 😉

    A-Z Challenge partner, Christine London here—just dropping by to see if the madness has yet set in (even before we begin) What is “A” for? Hmm…
    Hope to see you around the A-Z April world.

  2. Hi Sarah Mae! I’m one of Alex Cavanaugh’s A to Z minions, just dropping by to say hi and see if you’re prepped and ready for the big month. Sounds like you are! Can’t wait for tomorrow and hope to see you around! ox

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