C is for Cabin in the Woods

Cabin In the Woods

All I want
amounts to a cabin in the woods
Kodiak stove bright with fire
walls lined with books
kettle warmed for tea
and a cotton flannel shirt to retreat in

Give me a cup, or a mug if you must
that allows my fingers to follow it’s curve
thawed by the heat
of lady grey tea
with a simple touch of sweet

I’ll bring a pend and page
with me, every time I go
write well into the night by lantern light
with chocolate and marshmallows galore
I’ll let my heart bleed out like that
to my souls full content

This little place needn’t be much
just a few logs, a smoke stack, a sink and bed
covers with a wool duvet
spigot cold as the snow melt creek
soup that takes half the day to make

If you asked the people in my life
who i really am
they’d tell of complexity- hybrid technology
schedules work a million moving parts
a mind that races a body that paces
a singular tracked sort of thing

But all i want
amounts to a cabin in the woods
a mountain under foot
a creek that feeds into a river or stream
my life left alone to me

For the month of April I’ve committed to writing 26 poems, falling into the Alphabet.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.  To learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge visit www.a-to-zchallenge.com.


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