D is for Defined


I never know what to say
when asked about a defining time
Shall I tell the tale
Of a bad boss leaving us in a hurricane lost
Or the day my heart skipped beats
because my lungs forgot to breathe
When I waited for words that never came
and was shocked to hear things I never dreamed
The time I saved a life just to hear another had died
The first smile of a new born child
Or the realization that I could live without mine
A sister married on a sunny beach
A handshake with a girl so fake
I immideatly went to go eat cake
Graduation day, or the funerals that came
with a war no one cares to remember anymore
The trouble with a question like that you see
is what makes me into me
has to be all of them and none of them
and everything in between
because life is not a line
or an estimate of time
and I am not defined
by then.

For the month of April I’ve committed to writing 26 poems, falling into the Alphabet.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.  To learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge visit www.a-to-zchallenge.com.


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