Have you seen Netflix’s New Baby?

Did you guys see this new release from Amazon?

I’m intrigued, in large part because I sort of need this in my room.  I have a BluRay player, but really I watch a ton of Netflix and Prime… which means I spend a lot of time hanging with my Kindle Fire. The only trouble is our WiFi is sketchy at that part of the house… so I spend a lot of time watching my Kindle Fire at a very awkward angle.  I wonder if this would help…

For a hundred bucks, I could put it up on a shelf where I intend to also install the 22″ TV that was meant to be plugged in Thanksgiving Weekend, but has been co-opted by my CPR teaching mother for her classes.

Hmmm… tv in my room, without having to hold it up.

Sounds like heaven, but I’m going to hold out for reviews.  And maybe a WiFi repeater.

What do you think?  Worth it?  Or waste it?
For now I’m going to hold off for the reviews, so if you snag one- please let me know what you think!


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