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Justine over at Eclectic Odds N Snods encountered an issue I recently overcame admitted. Following too many blogs, posting too many posts, social-ing too many networks, and forgetting to eat, sleep and (well, you know the rest of that sentence).  In an effort to get her life right, she put some questions into the blogosphere (did I spell that right?), and in the interest of being a good new-bloggy friend, I’m going to answer them for her.

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Without further ado; questions, and answers.

How many blogs do you follow?
Somewhere around 100ish, or more.  Some of them only post montly, others post close to hourly.  But I subscribe to everything via email (or have their respective systems email me)- and I set it up to receive an email with every post (not in digests).

Do you read all their posts, please elaborate, ie some, how do you determine which?
Define “all.”  A lot the blogs I follow are image intensive, so you can be like- “yep, that’s a tree” and move on.  I’m also a skimmer, so I wont fully engage with rants or book reviews, unless there’s something I’m interested in.  And after a while, if I catch myself not paying attention to a particular blogs posts, then I unsubscribe.

How do you feel if you miss someone’s post?
I feel like you can always go back and read if you don’t understand what’s going on.  That’s the brilliance of having blogs- there’s a timeline and a history, right there available 24-7.

What is your priority in blogging in your daily routine ie reading up first, commenting, or writing?
My priority is my blog.  So I focus on getting out my regular posts (I aim for 5x week- more about that later), but I read other’s posts as I can (usually while waiting for things to load at work) through out the day, then I use anything that sparks my intrest / inspiration to create a draft (usually just the link and title, but sometimes more) for later writings.

How long do you spend reading up on blogs daily?
All day, and none of the day.  I don’t set time aside for it, but I use it to fill up time that would be otherwise spent starring into space.

How long do you spend commenting, be it return comments or instigating daily?
Maybe half an hour- I make it a point to thank everyone who comments on my work, if I can.  Then, I comment on blogs I follow if I have something to add to the conversation, or I want to encourage the author in their endeavors or a particular event.

Do you go and visit other outside blogs, if so how often and how the heck do you find the time?
I follow a lot of links, down the rabbit hole of the internet.  I also visit any blog that’s author “likes” or comments on my work.  I find the time by opening a lot of tabs, then “reading really fast” at the end of the day when I am ready to go home from work.

How many posts do you write a week?
Currently (with the exclusion of the A-to-Z Challenge) I aim for 5+ a week.  Most of these fall into project specific timelines and formats, so it’s easier to manage.  For example: Top Ten Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, and 5 Favorite Fridays. The plus comes from my attempts:  at least one review up a week (that so doesn’t happen right now), and a traditional blog post, and piece of creative writing.  I manage all of this by utilizing scheduled posts, and working when I have the time, energy, and creativity- it’s not as spontaneous as some, but I need the structure and the time to accommodate my life and regular work.  Also, I would hate to be a feast/famine blogger- I don’t want to subject my readers to my crazy schedule.

Are you involved in external social media, ie facebook, flickr, instagram, if so how much time daily do you spend on this?
Yes, but only really for my personal interests / life.  I do follow other bloggers accounts occasionally, but I blog for fun, and I’m not making a job (or even money) out of it.  If I were more serious about the whole thing, I might start and manage additional accounts, but for now I rather enjoy having a single home online.  I feel like sometimes people get over extended into multiple platforms, and then you’re like a divorced kid who cant remember which house your math homework was last seen in.

Justine (and any other struggling blogger out there) I hope this helps!  If you have more questions- or just need a lot of blog ideas (I have about 100 drafts) email me at

Loves, Mae

PS- WordPress, or Google Chrome, or Microsoft 7 just auto-corrected my email address into “mailbomb.”  Very nice artificial intelligence.  I really feel the love!


  1. Kicks artificial intellingence…Wow i never get it when people can blog every hour, they must just sit at the computer constantly but then if they are getting paid for it why not. You are quite a busy poster, most post 3 it seems a week so 5 must keep you busy but like you say when its just a picture or something it is quick. I do some challenges, then the rest I like to leave inspirational, or the moment. I did what you do and had everything to my email, omg what a nightmare, total nightmare i couldnt keep up and i find i cant answer via email its time consuming so ive deleted most that go to my email except for a handful and the rest i rely on my reader now. I think its the reading that takes most of my time and long posts i write. My longer ones are usually on my more ‘business’ orientated blog, where sometimes igo and interview or take lots of pics which have to be sorted/edited etc which all takes alot of times, some posts can take 3 plus hours with all the work. I just need to be more organized and i think diarize myself better for sure. Thank you for a lovely concise and informative response 🙂

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