Five Favorite Friday: April 11, 2014

Somebody give me an alleluia, it’s Friday!

  1. Mutual Respect in the Social Sphere.  This week I saw two break-ups, three hook-ups (dating / engagement / marriage), a whole lot of kids doing funny (or horrible things), and two parents pass away in my online social world.  Those who choose to live their lives but not their drama publicly remind me that it is possible to share with grace and love and support.  Those who choose to complain about their children, publicly curse their partner, and disregard their families wishes are rapidly being unfriendly and un-friended.
  2. This week’s Autobiography of Jane Eyre episode, Pied Piper.  Friendship and love come from the same place- and sometimes they come on video too.

    “You picked a banana”
    “Banana peppers are a thing, right?”
    “Aren’t you a doctor?”
    “Yes, not a banana doctor though.”

  3. 16 year old Brit poet Max Miller.  He’s writing really intelligent and insightful stuff, and I kind of sort of dont believe he is sixteen.  Okay, maybe he is, but still, considering some of my reject pile for my A-to-Z Challenge, I’d like to lodge a complaint against the muse board, on the basis of seniority.
  4. Children Who Must Not Be Named and their prank on a friend of mine (a.k.a. their mother).  After catching some heat for whatever childish offense they had committed earlier in the week, she woke up to find someone changed her electronic profiles on all devices in their home to “Voldemort.”  I genuinely don’t know how she (and her equally good parent husband) kept it together to punish them again.  I’m thinking beaming with pride while laughing while doling out punishments may be a skill I don’t possess.
  5. The OUTPOURING of love and support for my friend J.H., and his GRATITUDE in response.  He posted about his gratitude for his family and friends just after doctors informed the family his sick father would not make it through the night.  We rallied together, sending encouragement, thoughts and prayers through the night, and he responded with more kindness and gratitude.  And this is what makes social media great.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae


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