M is for The Martyrs Mothers

The Martyrs Mothers

for the mother of  the late Father Frans van der Lugt, S.J. 

What do they do with the martyrs mothers
When they parade the pictures of the slain
To perpetuate our cause of Peace
Does someone slip a hand in hers
Take her from Sanctuary
To wait and pray for this war to pass
Between Gods and Devils, men all
Do they make her stand and plead a case
Be prayed upon like an object on the alter
Is she lauded and applauded as a hero’s stead
Or avoided as a plague of the tragedy she has endured
Do we return his body, if not his soul
To the ground of the church where she goes
Or is she lost from the castle of Catholicism
Converted by the reality of these horrors
Forever lamenting in the land of disbelief
Unquestionably questioning her everything
As her soul divides between a heros heaven
And a mothers hell

For the month of April I’ve committed to writing 26 poems, falling into the Alphabet.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.  To learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge visit www.a-to-zchallenge.com.


    • Thank you L.G.! I had the honour of attending a Jesuit University, and the news of our loss of Father Frans passed through the community very fast. Given his age, I dont think his mother is still with us, but I think some of those killed in El Salvadorian Massacre were young enough to still have parents alive. While at school I knew some who had known them- the pictures of the martyrs were prevalent in our community, and you can always see the pain in the faces of those recognizing friends among the atrocities. I cant imagine what it would be like to face your own child in such circumstances.
      Thanks for visiting, though! Stop by later, and I’ll try to get something up a little less depressing 🙂

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