N is for The Night

The Night

the night wakes me
the cool air
the empty streets
i speed through country curves
too fast past cornfields
this is a side that no one knows
because you dont drive reckless
with friends in the car
window down hair pulled back
i let the radio overtake crickets and cows
as i lose myself to the twinkling stars
lose yourself to find who you are
invigorated by the dark danger
of doing what i know better
on a long road where you dont belong
careful not to lose control
the city girl on a country road
awake and alive this summers night

For the month of April I’ve committed to writing 26 poems, falling into the Alphabet.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.  To learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge visit www.a-to-zchallenge.com.


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