Five Favorite Friday: April 25, 2014

This Friday is brought to you by a very long week in the work place, following a very long weekend on family vacation.  That being said, no matter what- you can be grateful for Friday!

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  1. Coffee, in all forms.  I took coffee for lent, because, I’m stupid dedicated to my faith.  40 days without a simple pleasure really reminds you about the “pleasure” part.
  2. My health insurance.  Thanksgiving weekend last year, I ended up in the hospital for a kidney infection / failure, that turned into sepsis, then I acquired pneumonia while in the hospital.  My experience was less than stellar, and the bills for 4 days of ICU are astronomical.  I HATE the health care system, and hated the hospital where I was treated, but I’m grateful to be alive, and mostly healthy, and to have a support system that takes care of everything but a smallish portion.
  3. My tax return.  I would have wasted that cash if I got it month by month, but I’m able to pay off those hospital bills, and some small debt with it when I get a lump sum.
  4. Elizabeth Smart’s (now Gilbert) attitude on life.  I’ve just finished her book (or the audio version she narrated).  Review to come later, but I’ll give you this, for a young girl, placed in an impossiblely horrible situation, she has grown to be an amazing young woman.

What (and who) do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae


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