100 posts (okay now 101!)

100 posts


100 posts!  Holy freaking cow, you guys!!

This was a little secret goal of mine… as I am typically an abandon-er of projects.  Looking back to my first “official” post in January I can’t say much about me has changed… after all it’s only April.  Which means in 110 days (if my math is right), I have posted 100 times… which seems more impressive than it feels when you do all the maths.

100 posts seems to be a good place to turn and look back at that first post, to see if what I wanted to do, is actually what I’m doing.

  • I wanted to carve out a place to be authentically me- without the pressures of my IRL identity.  What I did not not expect was having people in my IRL follow me, and then comment on my work, IRL.  Serious failure in foresight- but that being said, this medium allows me to stay authentic, because reading is so far removed from writing.
  • I wanted to engage in world building.  While I think I’ve started this, in building small ties between other content producers, I think I’ve a long way to go.
  • I miss talking to smart people about stupid things. And you guys solved that!  Seriously, I don’t have to be intelligent for you to pay attention… and be interesting and funny- and I love it!
  • I wanted to finish something!  But I’m not done yet!  I think blogging has become a habit, and that’s great because finishing projects is just as hard as keeping with them.

In this time, I’ve made some friends, started some projects, and compiled a huge number of ideas to write about.  So here’s to a hundred posts in the past- and here’s to a hundred to come!



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