Closing The A to Z Challenge

What I did with my April was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done- writing is a fluid organic process, and having a structure, no matter how small, can be one heck of a struggle.

So I survived.  25 poems- because really I’m not an A student… and I’m okay with that.  Q was a failure- I just couldn’t get anything that I was proud enough to post, which is saying something, given some of the not exactly Wordsworth quality pieces I shared with you were, well not exactly Wordsworth quality, if you know what I mean.  I wont say they sucked…. but they weren’t always stellar.  But we were traveling, and I had a bad week at work, and Q just didn’t happen.  Maybe next year.

So here I present to you, my nearly completed 2014 A to Z Challenge:

A was for Alphabet Soup
B was for Boundary Road
C was for Cabin In The Woods
D was for Defined
E was for Echoes
F was for American Futbol
G was for The Word Go
H was for Haunted Dreams
I was for I Would Be
J was for Jumbled
K was for Keep Sweet
L was for Los Angeles Life
M was for The Martyrs Mothers
N was for The Night
O was for Ode to the Oregonian
P was for Pain
Q was a failure.
R was for Rescuers
S was for Signs
T was for Terminal B
U was for Unfinished Prayer
V is for Rising Valley Mornings
W was for Watching You
X was for X Marks the Spot
Y was for The Old Days, When We Were Young
Z was for The Letter Z

In the end, more than 2000 people signed up for this immense challenge, which speaks volumes about the kind of people that really are on the internet- trolls don’t dedicate 26 days of a month creating content, and they certainly don’t share the wealth and love with others while doing it.

The response I’ve received, in likes, comments, and new followers is crazy to me.  It’s nice to be appreciated, and I hope that regular life (aka life after A-to-Z) will not disappoint my readers now.

In March I said

So I guess if I had to put it in one word this whole month will be about BRAVERY.  Being brave enough to write poem after poem, and being brave enough to share them with you, my regular readers, and with the world, and with the trolls too.

And it did take some bravery to get it done, but what I’m realizing now, looking back- what it really took was fortitude.  The perseverance to keep writing, knowing that if I wrote enough inspiration or a conclusion would hit, and I’d have something to publish.  The fortitude to keep up with it after an illness, and a horrible month at work, and a new dating life (more about that later ;} ).

Loves, Mae

¹Updated to include A-to-Z Reflection Image & correct formatting error 05.01.2014


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