Impatiently Waiting

I’m a wildly impatient person sometimes.

Really- I have the patience of a saint mildly enthused friend who will use this against you at a later date upon occasion, when I need to be supportive and loving and you’re vomiting tequila in my bathroom.  I will rub your back, tell you he loves you (even if I don’t know that’s true tonight) and brush your hair into a tidy ponytail before carrying you into my bed.
I never woke up early Christmas morning (or if I did it was against my will).  I don’t oven stalk when baking a cake.  I don’t even mind sitting in traffic all that much.

But I cannot stand it when the internet doesn’t work the way I want it to.

At work we have an online expense system- it never works as well as I think it should.  So I spend a lot of time singing “I hate expense reports, I hate expense reports, I hate expense reports,” while watching the Microsoft Windows circle spin around and around.

And then there’s glitches. My WordPress account was suspended thanks to a glitch. {Since you’re reading this, I’m fixed- so thanks WordPress team!} I didn’t have the intention to really work on anything- after-all I’m at work, but now all I want to do is write about it, so I’m compulsively checking my email, and waiting to see if anyone has seen my request and responded to it and helped me {this is me being impatient, the WordPress customer service is fine, and I have had no trouble with their team} and writing posts in my email while I’m supposed to be working because I’m so freaking impatient.


XOXOX Sarah Mae

PS- Due to this interruption in our regularly scheduled program, our regularly scheduled program has been interrupted.  Today my favorite thing is WordPress’s awesome customer service team, and I’m not just saying that.


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