Top Ten Tuesday: (LOVE/HATE Book Cover Trends) June 24, 2014

The thing I love most about my Kindle is that I don’t have to tote around horribly embarrassing covers.  You know the ones where people actually wrinkle their fore heads at?  I’m not a cover lover really, but that’s mostly because I spent my life either not having a choice, or choosing based on price.  That said, here’s my

Top Ten Cover Trends

  1. HATE IT Praying Blond Girl who looks just like my ex’s little sister.  First of all 90% of these books have nothing to do with the girl who looks like she’s praying (or smelling flowers oddly).  Also as much as I love my ex’s sisters it is a little odd to carry them around with me for a week while I read a book.
  2. HATE IT Shirtless Guy. Why exactly do so few men own clothing in literature?  I mean, I get how romance is supposed to be romantic, but I’ve never run into sexy accountant shirtless at work.  And isn’t part of the allure the taking off of the clothes? Put some clothes on boys!
  3. HATE IT The Title-Less.  Dear publishers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  We get it, cash was tight, printing technology was, well not very technologically advanced, and people didnt own the roughly 300,000 books I do.  But still- a little indication of what the book on the shelf is would be helpful.
  4. HATE IT The Praise Only Back Side.  Does someone want to explain what this book is about, because it sure as heck doesn’t want to tell me itself.  Though the authors cousin sure did like it.
  5. HATE IT Authors Name Bigger than the Title.  Now I follow many authors, and buy up their works as soon as they reach Amazon preorder status, but the point of the book shouldn’t be the author, and the point of the cover should be the point of the book.  I’m pretty sure I thought Anne McCaffrey was a chacter before I read the Dragonriders of Pern series.
  6. LOVE IT Pictures Matching the Subject.  A good, simple photograph can really put into context your book long before someone picks it up to read all that praise on the back.
  7. LOVE IT.  The Subtle Graphic Nod to the Past.  Okay, I know you guys know this, but I really really love the Penguin Cloth Bound editions that are out at the moment.  These are the books I’m buying just to put on display (and pass onto the grandchildren who’s parents I don’t yet have)
  8. LOVE IT The Cohesive Series.  Tying it all together on my shelf not only helps me figure out where a book is when I’m looking for it, but also that those books are actually a series.  The Harry Potter publishers of the world did a really lovely job with their cover collections.

  9. LOVE IT.  The “Original” Cover.  Also known as the one I remember from the high school book room (where books go to die in sets of 35).  These are forever the covers associates with the books and the moments I threw them across the room at a friend.
  10. LOVE IT.  The Candid Biography Shot.  To be honest this is largely to do with the fact I hate those biography covers where the persons head is so big it’s bigger than life.  I prefer to see pictures of people who are actually engaged in something.  It’s sort of the same reason I hate school pictures, but surround myself with snap shots of my family.


This regular feature here at A MaeDay Life is a part of The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday’s.  This week’s theme was “Ten Book Cover Trends (or just elements of covers) I Like/Dislike {can stick to one or the other or both!}


    • It’s one of my greatest frustrations in the library, since our library puts stickers on the back inside flap, so you’ll never know what the books about! Also, I dont like pawing through books that I’m not going to buy at the store, it seems like I’m marring the fruit or something.

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