28 Years Down, so many more to go.

Today is my Birthday.

28 years ago, I thrust myself into this world, and promptly had an allergic reaction.  Having allergies was the first thing I was ever good at.  Thankfully I grew from there, and have built a beautiful wonderful no so terrible life for a 28 year old.

I’m told this is the age when I should start lying about my age.  I’ve heard if you start slipping a year now, it wont be as hard to believe later.  But I’m proud to be 28.  That’s a life time that so many don’t get to have.  Children I shared hospital wings, clinical trials and waiting rooms with didn’t all get 28 years.  A classmate of mine fell off the side of a mountian.  The sister of a friend of mine was hit by a car and killed while jogging.  Others went to war, and didnt come home.

28 years is a long time.  It’s 10,227 day- 245,448 hours- 14,726,880 minutes.  It’s two degrees, three sports, six (or so) surgeries.  It’s long enough to get over an aversion to squash, and to gain one for applesauce.  It’s long enough to fall in and out of love.  Long enough to become “respected” in your field, and work more than entry-level jobs.  I’m just working-level jobs now!  Long enough to make friends, lose friends, to lose parents.  To mend broken bridges and burn others.  It’s long enough to know you don’t know everything.

But today, I know this. I am grateful to be 28.  And in these years, I’ve learned these great things:

  1. Sometimes “good enough” really is good enough.
  2. Friends don’t have to be forever.
  3. Happiness isn’t fleeting, it’s contagious.
  4. Saying “sorry” isn’t enough.
  5. Sometimes you need more than love (like rent money and food and mutually shared life goals).
  6. If your gut says “get out,” get out.
  7. Crying in public is okay, but try to bring tissues.
  8. A flu shot is a good idea.  In fact every vaccination is probably a good idea.
  9. Service before self is admirable, so long as self is on the list too.
  10. The people who matter the most are there when you’re at your worst.
  11. Don’t judge others- you’re no angel, after all.
  12. If duct tape, flowers, or WD-40 doesn’t fix it, evaluate if it’s worth having in the first place.
  13. One day, you will need to know how to fix something, and your Dad will laugh at you.
  14. If they aren’t laughing at you, they don’t love you.
  15. Faith is between you and God.  Other people need not apply.
  16. Diplomas don’t indicate intelligence, worth, or worthiness.  They indicate debt, the ability to sit still, and the occasional paperwork effort.
  17. Let your freak flag fly.  Or don’t.  It really should just depend on your mood that day.
  18. No work is beneath you.  Ever.
  19. Everyone has the same Google.  Except the Chinese, they do weird stuff to the internet.
  20. It’s hard to beat a fire, mug of tea, and book made of trees.
  21. There’s no shame in singing the alphabet song while alphabetizing.
  22. 780 million people lack access to clean water.  Mine comes from the sky, and faucet.  I am blessed.
  23. You can’t get your hearing, sight, or reputation back once it’s destroyed.
  24. A card, postcard, letter, or real life paper note is always better than an email.
  25. Post-It notes will save your life. They don’t say that on the wrapper, but it’s true.
  26. Compassion is more powerful than fear.  Respect is more powerful than admiration.  Sincerity is more powerful than status quo.
  27. Not everyone will like you.  That’s okay.
  28. Age is more than a number, it is a success.

What have you learned in your one precious life?

XOXOX Sarah Mae

PS- I’m going to start posting more pictures on Instagram for this next year of my life.
Check it out www.instagram.com/lovesarahmae

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