Five Favorite Friday: June 27, 2014

Oh man… it’s Friday.  When did that happen?



  1. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet: A Novel by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick.  I’ve been reading/listening to this adaptation of an adaptation that totally could become an adaptation.  It is all the background secrets and stories that I imagined it and then some.  And so my every free moment is spent on it.  It will be finished by the end of the weekend, and I will get a *glowing* review soon.
  2. Okay you guys, bananas aren’t very glamorous, but they are very very very tasty and easy to eat, and largely guilt free.
  3. The Quotes blanket from Barnes and Nobel BookBoy and Mom both bought me independently.  It’s the perfect weight and cuddlyness and it washes well, and the AC is killing me at home.
  4. Tomorrow’s start of hiking and camping season.  The weather isn’t very summery, but in Oregon you’ve got to take the trail by the horns and run with it.  We’re doing about 5.5 miles, so wish me luck!
  5. The Corporate Operations Team at work.  We had a hard week in terms of the work, and their attitude and cooperative nature really made it not awful.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: May 23, 2014

First Friday of the Summer!  Time to break out the pick-up trucks, tents and BBQ’s!

  1. ITChef and his hoe cakes.  Seriously you guys, one of my IT guys is a former chef, and he makes us breakfast sometimes, and today we had hoe cakes and holy hell- IT delivered me breakfast (and bacon).  Happy day!
  2. My Old Navy Denim jacket.  It is my silent protest against the excessive use of the air conditioning in my department, since my boss is apparently having hot flashes, and can’t give up her cable knit sweaters so the rest of us don’t die of hypothermia.  (she hates denim in the office, and thinks we shouldn’t wear jackets but she cant say anything, because hello- I’m freezing!)
  3. The abundance of Farmers Markets in the Portland Metro Area.  I think I will hit 2-3 this weekend, just for the atmosphere.
  4. The end of the never finally ending training schedule.  Every night for almost two weeks, I had a meeting or training (teaching and receiving), after work.  It was a rarity to get home before 10, and dinner had become a supply drop situation thanks to Mom and Dad.  Now it’s done, and I’m ready for some happy hour (until next week, when the actual summer activity schedule kicks in).
  5. Memorial Day.  I appreciate the day off, I really do, but more importantly to me, I appreciate what this day is meant to stand for- the service men and women, their acts of sacrifice for our country, and acknowledged them for it.  My father is a US Veteran, and my mother is a Canadian Veteran, and I know just what it cost them (and our family) to serve, and I’m so glad they did.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: May 15, 2014

Ya’ll I haven’t a night off this week.  As in the last time I wasn’t booked up being a responsible social person was last Thursday… and the next night off I can see is next Tuesday.  I’m drowning in the need to drown my sorrows exhaustion in some soy cream (which I don’t have time to pick up) and laundry doing (I’m about to be going commando if I can’t get it together real soon).

from Summer Girl 101 at

  1. Trader Joe’s Soy Cream.  It is simply the best dairy alternative in town and I’m out, and I don’t have time to go get some at the store, and I’m sad.  Really really sad.
  2. Dad sponsored late night Dairy Queen Blizzard runs.  This is family summer tradition, where I “take the hit” with dairy and accept the stomach ache and internal hives (yes that’s a thing and no it’s not fun).  Dad throws everyone in the car, just before bedtime, and we get whatever we want.  He is Awesome, and our Blizzard season started this week, when we went over 85* in the Valley.
  3. The ever ridiculously helpful BookBoy and his Handyman tendencies.  Since BookBoy is working as a handyman while on break from being a freaking genius at school, I feel guilty using his talents, but I occasionally break down for Girl Scouts and asked.  He came over to help me with one project for the girls (making bead looms) then found me examining another project, and ended up spending half an hour assisting in the dismantling of an old desk to make way for my new desk.  I did not ask for help- he just jumped in.  Because he’s awesome like that.
  4. Spring Cleaning.  Okay maybe not- but I do love the result of culling the shelves, closets and flat surfaces so I can move the book collection that now has a person sized spot on the bed to new home.  With my new IKEA purchases from two weeks ago (and BookBoy’s assistance) I am quickly too freaking slowly moving towards better organization.
  5. Summer Hours at work.  I don’t like getting up early- seriously.  As in there have been punches thrown about it, and I broke multiple alarm clocks, back when people still had alarm clocks (my phone has insurance for this precise reason).  But my boss agreed to a skewed 8-4.30 shift for the summer, so I can do some extra volunteer hours, and get a little sunshine in my life.  I think I’ll take up sleeping.

Hows your week going?  Are you getting any sleep?  Or sunshine at least?

Friday Loves, Mae

March & April 2014: Wrap Up

(double duty, because I forgot to do wrap up/ start up last month)

Cherry Blossoms in the Spring (c) S.M.Lennox

Things Read:

Things Watched:

  • (live) Game of Thrones: Season 4 (Television- HBO)
  • (liveThe Autobiography of Jane Eyre (YouTube)
  • (live) 19 Kids and Counting (Television- TLC)
  • (live) The Little Couple (Television- TLC)
  • Divergent (Film- 2014)
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier (Film- 2014)
  • Heartland: Season 6 (Television on DVD- 2013)
  • I Give It A Year (Film on Netflix- 2013)
  • The Big Wedding (Film on Netflix- 2013)
  • Hopelessly in June (Film on Television- 2011)
  • (unfinished) How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (Television on Netflix- 2006)
  • (unfinished) Veronica Mars: Season 1 (Television on Amazon Prime- 2004)
  • (unfinished) Lab Rats: Season 1 (Television on Netflix- 2012)

Blogs Posted:

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Major Events:

Five Favorite Friday: May 2, 2014

Is it Friday finally?  Finally??  Here are the things that (happily) got me through the week.

Lobster K and The Lobsterman, in Blue Ridge Parkway (c) C.Long- stolen from her Facebook Page

  1. Lobster K‘s shiny new J-O-B.  She’s graduating with a Masters in Teaching and a teaching license this spring and someone has already snapped her up for summer term to teach.  I’m really really proud of her and The Lobsterman for working through two graduate programs together (he’s getting a Ph.D. in maths), without killing themselves or one another.
  2. I’m still stuck on coffee.  40 days is a long time you guys!  Lent (there’s a post about that coming soon too) was really useful for me spiritually, and I do appreciate the ritual and tradition of it- but I also really appreciate my preferred morning beverage being back in my mornings!
  3. Heartland, Season 6.  With a little inventive importing (thanks Grandma!) I picked up my newest DVD’s while we were in Vegas (it was cheaper to order them in Canada, and she always complains she can’t get me gifts- her personalized delivery was my Easter present).  I love this show because it’s the closest thing I can get to the ranching life without being broke, fly bitten, and sunburned.  It’s like being back in the barn without all the troubles of shoveling s**t, heaving hay, and getting stepped on by cows and cowboys.  Best of all, its dramatic only in the realistic ways, which means not everyone is sleeping with everyone else, and not everyone is a vampire.
    Embed from Getty Images

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  4. Not to be a total corporate follower, but I’m loving Starbucks transition to Teavana teas (and Oprah’s new blend).  Though Teavana isn’t local to me like their former supplier, it is a higher quality tea and has a much better flavor profile and selection.  As much as I love coffee, everyone deserves tea too.
  5. IKEA runs with my Mama- it sounds stupid, but it’s totally something we do together, and I’m excited to go this weekend.  Affordable, sturdy, and handsome furniture!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Don’t Kiss Me- I’m Scottish American

Today may very well be the Holiday I most despise.
Now if you don’t live in American culture, you may not know today is St. Patrick’s Day. I say this because this holiday seems to really blossom here, in the land of cultural bastardization I mean the great melting pot.
Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for a good party (or at least, this geeky girl is all for your right to have a good party and for me to stay home with my book).  I’m good with copious amounts of food colouring, if that’s what you’re into (I mean red velvet cake, anyone?).  I even like the sort of community event where there is a marathon, a parade and a street faire all on the same weekend (we don’t live downtown, and Portland has an okay transit train- so what’s there to object to?). 
My problem with St. Patrick’s day is this:

Not everyone is Irish.

I’m not.
My friends aren’t.
My co-workers aren’t.
In fact, most people I know aren’t Irish.  Or if they are it’s like 1/32 and their Irish ancestors came over in the Potato Famine and they don’t even know that Great-Great-Great-Grandma’s name.
I’m not prejudice against the Irish- they’re lovely people, history and politics aside.  In general they have a warm, welcoming culture, not terribly unlike my own Scottish American upbringing.  They have good beer, and decent food on the Celt scale, and the perfect genes for amazing hair (and if our recent-immigrant neighbors are any indicator they also make the most adorable babies).
I think it’s demeaning to pretend we’re all something we’re not, both to our own families ancestral cultures which are being belittled and ignored by this claim, and to the Irish culture, which is being co-opted by those who have no interest in engaging in the thousands of special rites, rituals, and norms that fully embody the rich heritage.
I’m proud to be the daughter of Scots.  I’m proud to have a mother who gave up her family and career and life to marry the man she loved and immigrate to a new country.  I’m proud to have Grandparents who brought their son, my father, into the world while immigrating- intent on building a brighter city, and a new home church (my grandfather was an engineer, and an elder in our church).  
I’m as proud to be Scottish as my Irish neighbors are to be Irish.  They are proud to have come from families that fought for peace during The Troubles (Protestant/ Catholic unrest from the 1960s to the late 1990s), proud to teach their children the step dances that once protected revolutionaries in their homeland, proud to call a mystical fairy-tale laden homeland their own.  
The trouble is, Saint Patrick’s day (when celebrated as Americans do) isn’t about that culture.  It isn’t about the pride, or sharing the history, or supporting the many current, historical, or ancestral immigrants.  It isn’t about Saint Patrick and his kidnapping, or priesthood, or his long work in Christian evangelicalism.  It isn’t even about that weird snake story (that National Geographic explains is a big fat lie).
Saint Patrick’s day (in America) is about getting drunk, dirtying waterways, sexually harassing others,  and gleaning fake “luck.”  And these traditions in “celebrating” Irish heritage cheapen the Irish people.
The Irish, contrary to 19th century American ideals are not drunkards who suck down green beer daily, in fact alcohol and alcoholism are serious issues often discussed in Irish homes and communities.  They do no go around dying rivers, canals, and fountains with often environmentally damaging chemicals like Frat boys during Rush- they have many centuries worth of conservation and environmental protection efforts, and they are a leader in eco-building and tourism today.  The Irish do not go around pinching a girls butt based on her shirt colour.  And they certainly don’t believe you will magically gather luck from the kiss of a person who happens to have been born or have ancestors born on an island with the Blarney stone (never mind if that person has actually ever seen, or touched this stone).  In fact, like most cultures- Irish fathers would really rather you keep  your drunk paws off their daughHolidaers.
And my father, like the Irishman next door, would rather that too.
So don’t kiss me- I’m Scottish American.
And don’t pinch my butt either- because you may very well end up with a green and black and blue eye when I prove my heritage.
And that would be a sad way to celebrate a sad holiday.


Five Favorite Friday: March 7, 2014

It’s Friday.  Holy Freaking Alleauea- it’s been a long and tiring week, after a few too many over-scheduled weeks, and I am ready for a nice long lie-in (sleep-in, for those of you who grew up American).  Here are my five favorite things this week:

  1. Safe Travels we were blessed to get back home from my cousin’s Kansas Wedding with just the right breaks so we were only a little late and shorted about an hours sleep.  Other family members didnt make it to work on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but thankfully- everyone made it home without injury.
  2. Costco Brand Rice Cracker Snacks I’ve been starving all week, and Kirkland is one of the best easy to access brands in town.
  3. Intellectual Friend’s sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to have so many educated and intellectually driven people around… and then I have a few bad conversations and I get to turn to Facebook to remind myself the world isn’t entirely filled with idiocy.
  4. Royal Moore Toyota and their body shop.  They fixed the Prius like new, while I was on vacation, and cleaned the inside just to be nice.  They even returned a few lost earrings from under the seats.  Everyone says dont get service from your dealer, but they are AMAZING and I loooooovvvveee their service every time.
  5. Readers in the lunchroom.  There are a few folks who take ten minute reading breaks in the lunchroom, and this totally entertains me because it reminds me of school, when we used to read during free periods at school.  I can still see our little circle sitting too many people at one table.To

What are you in love with this week?

I’m always in love with you, XOXOX Mae