Let’s Go Vote!

If you are a US citizen, exercise your rights and vote this midterm election!
Don’t know how?  Check this out:

If you’re not a US Citizen, my apologizes for having to put up with us!}
Also, please enjoy this photo while we make you wait for our regularly scheduled insanity!


Clackamas River, near Estacada Oregon, (c) S.M.Lennox October 2014



Wordless Wednesday: July 23, 2014


“Sound Ferries” Puget Sound, Seattle Washington (c) SMLennox 2014


Wordless Wednesday: July 9, 2014

"Just Down the Hill" Pine Street, Seattle WA (c) SMLennox 2014

“Just Down the Hill” Pine Street, Seattle WA (c) SMLennox 2014


Wordless Wednesday: June 18, 2014

“Rise and Shine” Space Needle, Seattle Center, Seattle WA (c) SKuzmack 2014


Wordless Wednesday: May 21, 2014


Blooming Bridge, Portland OR Waterfront, Spring 2014 (c) S.M.Lennox


Happy Victoria Day!

As an occasional Canadian, I like to mark the start of Summer with Victoria Day, because it gives us one more week of easy books, car dancing to with the windows rolled down and beach trips without the funny looks.

Happy Victoria Day!!!!

That means summer’s here!  That also means that it’s raining on my parade in Oregon, because this map is 900% accurate for my region until August when it get’s mildly hot.

This is also why I like to close summer with the American Northwest end of summer weather- Halloween, but that’s beside the point.

Because it’s summer!

Time for shorter hours at work, cute skirts, fresh local vegetables, farmers markets during the week, happier coworkers, mini-cations on Thursday nights because it’s not dark at 5pm, eating on patios, festivals, and rain.

Rain.  Because even if it’s the summer- it’s still Oregon.

And it’s only May.

What are you doing this summer?  Tell me in the comments!

Loves, Mae