Five Favorite Friday: May 15, 2014

Ya’ll I haven’t a night off this week.  As in the last time I wasn’t booked up being a responsible social person was last Thursday… and the next night off I can see is next Tuesday.  I’m drowning in the need to drown my sorrows exhaustion in some soy cream (which I don’t have time to pick up) and laundry doing (I’m about to be going commando if I can’t get it together real soon).

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  1. Trader Joe’s Soy Cream.  It is simply the best dairy alternative in town and I’m out, and I don’t have time to go get some at the store, and I’m sad.  Really really sad.
  2. Dad sponsored late night Dairy Queen Blizzard runs.  This is family summer tradition, where I “take the hit” with dairy and accept the stomach ache and internal hives (yes that’s a thing and no it’s not fun).  Dad throws everyone in the car, just before bedtime, and we get whatever we want.  He is Awesome, and our Blizzard season started this week, when we went over 85* in the Valley.
  3. The ever ridiculously helpful BookBoy and his Handyman tendencies.  Since BookBoy is working as a handyman while on break from being a freaking genius at school, I feel guilty using his talents, but I occasionally break down for Girl Scouts and asked.  He came over to help me with one project for the girls (making bead looms) then found me examining another project, and ended up spending half an hour assisting in the dismantling of an old desk to make way for my new desk.  I did not ask for help- he just jumped in.  Because he’s awesome like that.
  4. Spring Cleaning.  Okay maybe not- but I do love the result of culling the shelves, closets and flat surfaces so I can move the book collection that now has a person sized spot on the bed to new home.  With my new IKEA purchases from two weeks ago (and BookBoy’s assistance) I am quickly too freaking slowly moving towards better organization.
  5. Summer Hours at work.  I don’t like getting up early- seriously.  As in there have been punches thrown about it, and I broke multiple alarm clocks, back when people still had alarm clocks (my phone has insurance for this precise reason).  But my boss agreed to a skewed 8-4.30 shift for the summer, so I can do some extra volunteer hours, and get a little sunshine in my life.  I think I’ll take up sleeping.

Hows your week going?  Are you getting any sleep?  Or sunshine at least?

Friday Loves, Mae

FOUND:: Five Favorite Friday: April 4, 2014

FOUND in the Drafts folder…. I don’t really know how I failed to post it- I must have been lost in A-to-Z oh well, here is a bonus bit of happiness!

At 5.30pm on Friday our local Country Music DJ plays a Friday Happy Dance mash up… my goal is to make it in my car before those three minutes are up.  I’m always sad if I don’t get to hear a drunken country crowd chanting “Friday, Friday, Friday” just as a start my car.

  1. Tale of Two Tomatoes A-to-Z Challenge story.  I am fascinated by the way she is detailing the 26 hours up to her arranged marriage.  It is an ingenious an act of serialization, and a rare perspective on the modern experience of an ancient custom.
  2. 19 Kids and Counting’s 13th season, which premiered this week on TLC and focuses on the mating rituals of the ultra-conservative Christian culture in the US.  The immensely complicated act of toeing the line between falling in love (and letting the young fall in love) and being compliant with strict cultural norms makes me glad to be a dater, rather than a courtier.
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  3. Naps.  Really why don’t we get to take them in the Northern-Western hemisphere at work?  And who says that there is an age that is too old for them?  Naps for all, I say!
  4. I F**king Love Science website and Facebook page.  Reporting all of the awesome and fun and important science news, without any of the awkward confused silences of the major media outlets.  Also- how cool is it that this whole social media outlet was born out of a geeky girls desire to entertain her geeky friends?
  5. The Portland jury that convicted a mother of murder.  A four year old may or may not exhibit signs of sexuality or homosexuality- but they certainly should not be hurt by a parent over anything.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: May 2, 2014

Is it Friday finally?  Finally??  Here are the things that (happily) got me through the week.

Lobster K and The Lobsterman, in Blue Ridge Parkway (c) C.Long- stolen from her Facebook Page

  1. Lobster K‘s shiny new J-O-B.  She’s graduating with a Masters in Teaching and a teaching license this spring and someone has already snapped her up for summer term to teach.  I’m really really proud of her and The Lobsterman for working through two graduate programs together (he’s getting a Ph.D. in maths), without killing themselves or one another.
  2. I’m still stuck on coffee.  40 days is a long time you guys!  Lent (there’s a post about that coming soon too) was really useful for me spiritually, and I do appreciate the ritual and tradition of it- but I also really appreciate my preferred morning beverage being back in my mornings!
  3. Heartland, Season 6.  With a little inventive importing (thanks Grandma!) I picked up my newest DVD’s while we were in Vegas (it was cheaper to order them in Canada, and she always complains she can’t get me gifts- her personalized delivery was my Easter present).  I love this show because it’s the closest thing I can get to the ranching life without being broke, fly bitten, and sunburned.  It’s like being back in the barn without all the troubles of shoveling s**t, heaving hay, and getting stepped on by cows and cowboys.  Best of all, its dramatic only in the realistic ways, which means not everyone is sleeping with everyone else, and not everyone is a vampire.
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  4. Not to be a total corporate follower, but I’m loving Starbucks transition to Teavana teas (and Oprah’s new blend).  Though Teavana isn’t local to me like their former supplier, it is a higher quality tea and has a much better flavor profile and selection.  As much as I love coffee, everyone deserves tea too.
  5. IKEA runs with my Mama- it sounds stupid, but it’s totally something we do together, and I’m excited to go this weekend.  Affordable, sturdy, and handsome furniture!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: April 25, 2014

This Friday is brought to you by a very long week in the work place, following a very long weekend on family vacation.  That being said, no matter what- you can be grateful for Friday!

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  1. Coffee, in all forms.  I took coffee for lent, because, I’m stupid dedicated to my faith.  40 days without a simple pleasure really reminds you about the “pleasure” part.
  2. My health insurance.  Thanksgiving weekend last year, I ended up in the hospital for a kidney infection / failure, that turned into sepsis, then I acquired pneumonia while in the hospital.  My experience was less than stellar, and the bills for 4 days of ICU are astronomical.  I HATE the health care system, and hated the hospital where I was treated, but I’m grateful to be alive, and mostly healthy, and to have a support system that takes care of everything but a smallish portion.
  3. My tax return.  I would have wasted that cash if I got it month by month, but I’m able to pay off those hospital bills, and some small debt with it when I get a lump sum.
  4. Elizabeth Smart’s (now Gilbert) attitude on life.  I’ve just finished her book (or the audio version she narrated).  Review to come later, but I’ll give you this, for a young girl, placed in an impossiblely horrible situation, she has grown to be an amazing young woman.

What (and who) do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: April 18, 2014

This Friday is brought to you by my Grandmother… and her brilliance of wanting a 75th birthday party in Las Vegas.  Happy Birthday Gran!

Gran, Mom and I on a Dinner Cruse for my Birthday. Honolulu Hawaii, October 2010.

  1. My accountant mother, who does my taxes with me standing there, supplying her with various forms I’ve received.  Seriously she does the whole families taxes in a weekend, and I basically just show up.  Love you Mom!
  2. Powell’s Nalegene Collection I have a small large collection of these, and I proudly let my Portlander Geek Freak flag fly while I travel with them in hand.  Mine also sport my bumper sticker collection, since I’m not a fan of getting my car keyed.  Smart people Hydrate!
  3. This week’s The Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday Responses.  The prompt was amazing, and I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else wants… now of course my covet list is up to like 90, instead of just my original 10.

    The Lobsters and I, many New Years Eve moons ago.   Lobster J is in the middle, Lobster K is on the left, I am on the right.

  4. Lobster J.  This week was her Birthday.  And she’s been a fantastic friend since the last day of seventh grade, when she learned my whole name in a singlegreeting- she still has the yearbook with it written into the crease.  Without a doubt I would be a different person without her in my life.

    BookBoy and I at Mt. Rushmoore, September 2012. The guy who took this was a BIG biker and was very excited because it was the most romantic place  to propose- we were afraid to tell him we weren’t getting married.  Note the Nalgene in my hand- he is hiding his behind his back .

  5. BookBoy, whose Birthday was also this week (they are only 1 day apart).  BookBoys mom (BookMom) chatted the Lobsters’ and I up on Registration Day of Senior Year in High School.  Since then he and I have written hundreds of letters, shared prayers and secrets, survived my college and his war experiences, and driven cross country in a Mazda.  We have never dated- but I am closer to him than I have been to most boyfriends.

What (and who) do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: April 11, 2014

Somebody give me an alleluia, it’s Friday!

  1. Mutual Respect in the Social Sphere.  This week I saw two break-ups, three hook-ups (dating / engagement / marriage), a whole lot of kids doing funny (or horrible things), and two parents pass away in my online social world.  Those who choose to live their lives but not their drama publicly remind me that it is possible to share with grace and love and support.  Those who choose to complain about their children, publicly curse their partner, and disregard their families wishes are rapidly being unfriendly and un-friended.
  2. This week’s Autobiography of Jane Eyre episode, Pied Piper.  Friendship and love come from the same place- and sometimes they come on video too.

    “You picked a banana”
    “Banana peppers are a thing, right?”
    “Aren’t you a doctor?”
    “Yes, not a banana doctor though.”

  3. 16 year old Brit poet Max Miller.  He’s writing really intelligent and insightful stuff, and I kind of sort of dont believe he is sixteen.  Okay, maybe he is, but still, considering some of my reject pile for my A-to-Z Challenge, I’d like to lodge a complaint against the muse board, on the basis of seniority.
  4. Children Who Must Not Be Named and their prank on a friend of mine (a.k.a. their mother).  After catching some heat for whatever childish offense they had committed earlier in the week, she woke up to find someone changed her electronic profiles on all devices in their home to “Voldemort.”  I genuinely don’t know how she (and her equally good parent husband) kept it together to punish them again.  I’m thinking beaming with pride while laughing while doling out punishments may be a skill I don’t possess.
  5. The OUTPOURING of love and support for my friend J.H., and his GRATITUDE in response.  He posted about his gratitude for his family and friends just after doctors informed the family his sick father would not make it through the night.  We rallied together, sending encouragement, thoughts and prayers through the night, and he responded with more kindness and gratitude.  And this is what makes social media great.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: March 28, 2014

Oh Fridays, how sweetly you come.

  1. Telecommuting.  Oh yeah, a paid day in a hoodie and jeans.  And I’m able to keep an eye on things at home.
  2. Spring rain storms- I think the kids on Spring break here in Oregon hate that it’s been pouring all week, but I love it.
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  3. The prospect of a weekend, unscheduled.
  4. Veronica Mars (Season One)- though I was the right demographic when it was on TV, I wasn’t intrested.   I thought I’d watch some on Amazon Prime with the new Kickstarter funded movie in theaters, and now I’m hooked.  Totally fabulous.  (this is probably where a fair share of my rainy unscheduled weekend will go!)
  5. A most excellent online community.  I had a brain injury hard week, and everyday I got to read a mailbox full of interesting things from interesting people.  I love you guys!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae