Dear Lobsters

The Lobsters being Mobsters circ. Summer 2011

Do you know how long it’s been?  Since that day that we became more than random schoolmates?  June of 2000.  It was the last day of the seventh grade.  Lobster J made me sign my proper name into her year book, she was amused by the long string of Scottish heritage.  Lobster K stood in the road at the corner of G- and 24th, where the pine still shaded in the late afternoon.  I thought I was cool with the Junior High Boyfriend, whom I was walking home with because I had accidentally on purpose missed the bus for.

Fourteen years, and two months.  We’ve laughed, cried, danced on the bed, partied well into the midnight’s, kissed boys, fallen in love, fallen out of love, lived in 3 countries, 6 states, countless dorms, apartments, and parents houses.  We got educations, life partners, homes, cars and careers.  We once drank alcoholic sparkling apple “juice,” were too smart to camp in the rain, hand tailored prom dresses, and started potato a newspaper.

And now we’re all grown up. Birthday cards are never on time (Lobster K, I will get you and Lobsterman’s out eventually!), phone calls and visits are rarer than they should be.  We have to schedule everything.  But you’re the ones I call.  When boys break my heart and outfits need evaluating or work sucks.  You’re the ones I Google distances from business trip- how far, how hard would it be to see her?

Funny thing, we’ve been together fourteen years, and yet most of it we’ve been apart.  The eternity we spent in school back home- that was five measly years.  And since then- colleges in separate states, then lives spread across the country; yet I’m closer to you than anyone in the world.  That picture up there is from the last summer we were all together- 2011.  Too long ago.  So 2014 is it- let’s book a trip, make new memories.  AND take a group photo where I don’t look insane (but maybe still themed, because you know I love a good theme).

XOXO You’re Lumpy Lobster

I’ve committed to writing 30 letters in 30 days, according to the 30 Day Letter Challenge.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.


30 letters for 30 days… and a fresh start

Summer has been crazy. Work exhausted me, then we had fundraisers for my Girl Scout’s trip that only adults can do (pouring beer for Girl Scouts- morality confusion for the win!), and there was Girl Scout camp, and then family and Mr.Daring (more on him later) and I left my MaeDayLife to flounder because I was too busy to put out a mayday.

But back to it! Back to you, lovely, loyal readers. Back to reading and writing and being an real life online person.

And where better to start than with a challenge (because it’s easier when someone does the thinking part, and I only have to do the typing part).  I found the 30 Letters in 30 Days challenge randomly from Santulan at And I Write, who kindly led me to the originator Mikey at  It seems like just the thing I need to bounce back into the online world.

So without further adeau, stay tuned!

XOXO Sarah Mae

I’ve committed to writing 30 letters in 30 days, according to the 30 Day Letter Challenge.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.

Impatiently Waiting

I’m a wildly impatient person sometimes.

Really- I have the patience of a saint mildly enthused friend who will use this against you at a later date upon occasion, when I need to be supportive and loving and you’re vomiting tequila in my bathroom.  I will rub your back, tell you he loves you (even if I don’t know that’s true tonight) and brush your hair into a tidy ponytail before carrying you into my bed.
I never woke up early Christmas morning (or if I did it was against my will).  I don’t oven stalk when baking a cake.  I don’t even mind sitting in traffic all that much.

But I cannot stand it when the internet doesn’t work the way I want it to.

At work we have an online expense system- it never works as well as I think it should.  So I spend a lot of time singing “I hate expense reports, I hate expense reports, I hate expense reports,” while watching the Microsoft Windows circle spin around and around.

And then there’s glitches. My WordPress account was suspended thanks to a glitch. {Since you’re reading this, I’m fixed- so thanks WordPress team!} I didn’t have the intention to really work on anything- after-all I’m at work, but now all I want to do is write about it, so I’m compulsively checking my email, and waiting to see if anyone has seen my request and responded to it and helped me {this is me being impatient, the WordPress customer service is fine, and I have had no trouble with their team} and writing posts in my email while I’m supposed to be working because I’m so freaking impatient.


XOXOX Sarah Mae

PS- Due to this interruption in our regularly scheduled program, our regularly scheduled program has been interrupted.  Today my favorite thing is WordPress’s awesome customer service team, and I’m not just saying that.

Closing The A to Z Challenge

What I did with my April was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done- writing is a fluid organic process, and having a structure, no matter how small, can be one heck of a struggle.

So I survived.  25 poems- because really I’m not an A student… and I’m okay with that.  Q was a failure- I just couldn’t get anything that I was proud enough to post, which is saying something, given some of the not exactly Wordsworth quality pieces I shared with you were, well not exactly Wordsworth quality, if you know what I mean.  I wont say they sucked…. but they weren’t always stellar.  But we were traveling, and I had a bad week at work, and Q just didn’t happen.  Maybe next year.

So here I present to you, my nearly completed 2014 A to Z Challenge:

A was for Alphabet Soup
B was for Boundary Road
C was for Cabin In The Woods
D was for Defined
E was for Echoes
F was for American Futbol
G was for The Word Go
H was for Haunted Dreams
I was for I Would Be
J was for Jumbled
K was for Keep Sweet
L was for Los Angeles Life
M was for The Martyrs Mothers
N was for The Night
O was for Ode to the Oregonian
P was for Pain
Q was a failure.
R was for Rescuers
S was for Signs
T was for Terminal B
U was for Unfinished Prayer
V is for Rising Valley Mornings
W was for Watching You
X was for X Marks the Spot
Y was for The Old Days, When We Were Young
Z was for The Letter Z

In the end, more than 2000 people signed up for this immense challenge, which speaks volumes about the kind of people that really are on the internet- trolls don’t dedicate 26 days of a month creating content, and they certainly don’t share the wealth and love with others while doing it.

The response I’ve received, in likes, comments, and new followers is crazy to me.  It’s nice to be appreciated, and I hope that regular life (aka life after A-to-Z) will not disappoint my readers now.

In March I said

So I guess if I had to put it in one word this whole month will be about BRAVERY.  Being brave enough to write poem after poem, and being brave enough to share them with you, my regular readers, and with the world, and with the trolls too.

And it did take some bravery to get it done, but what I’m realizing now, looking back- what it really took was fortitude.  The perseverance to keep writing, knowing that if I wrote enough inspiration or a conclusion would hit, and I’d have something to publish.  The fortitude to keep up with it after an illness, and a horrible month at work, and a new dating life (more about that later ;} ).

Loves, Mae

¹Updated to include A-to-Z Reflection Image & correct formatting error 05.01.2014

100 posts (okay now 101!)

100 posts


100 posts!  Holy freaking cow, you guys!!

This was a little secret goal of mine… as I am typically an abandon-er of projects.  Looking back to my first “official” post in January I can’t say much about me has changed… after all it’s only April.  Which means in 110 days (if my math is right), I have posted 100 times… which seems more impressive than it feels when you do all the maths.

100 posts seems to be a good place to turn and look back at that first post, to see if what I wanted to do, is actually what I’m doing.

  • I wanted to carve out a place to be authentically me- without the pressures of my IRL identity.  What I did not not expect was having people in my IRL follow me, and then comment on my work, IRL.  Serious failure in foresight- but that being said, this medium allows me to stay authentic, because reading is so far removed from writing.
  • I wanted to engage in world building.  While I think I’ve started this, in building small ties between other content producers, I think I’ve a long way to go.
  • I miss talking to smart people about stupid things. And you guys solved that!  Seriously, I don’t have to be intelligent for you to pay attention… and be interesting and funny- and I love it!
  • I wanted to finish something!  But I’m not done yet!  I think blogging has become a habit, and that’s great because finishing projects is just as hard as keeping with them.

In this time, I’ve made some friends, started some projects, and compiled a huge number of ideas to write about.  So here’s to a hundred posts in the past- and here’s to a hundred to come!


I <3 You, Akismet

Want a little boost?

Check your Akismet spam folder.

No, seriously.  Spam is my new happy drug.

Apparently I am beautiful, brilliant, the most wonderful stumbled upon blog person with SEO problems on the planet.  I also attract perfectly strange men who want to sell me purses, marry me, and “buy bunnies” whatever that means (if it’s gross, please don’t tell me what it means).

All of these men are excitingly living in far off places, and have a host of worldly possessions other than high speed internet connection (though really, I would probably consider high speed internet in the “win” column, given I live in an area where it isn’t decent internet).  Their broken English undoubtedly comes with a nice little accent that is for obviously going to woo me into luv.

Look, I love my real commentators.  You are lovely engaging people who seem to “like” most of the stuff that I’m not necessarily super excited or confident about, which gives me this genuine feeling of love and support and community, because it’s like all of you are saying “we know you tried hard, and we appreciate it.”  But you are a fancy date with proper flatware and a waiter in a tie.

You can hate on spammers, especially when they are filling up your actual comment threads, but when they live in their own little petri dish of the spam folder, that I can choose to open whenever I wish they serve a lovely purpose of perking up.  Because you are a perfectly romantic date- and they are the semi-homeless guy catcalling while I walk by on my way to the club on a Friday night.  

It’s just nice to hear someone noticed, every once in a while.

Luv u guise!

Answers for Eclectic Odds N Snods

Justine over at Eclectic Odds N Snods encountered an issue I recently overcame admitted. Following too many blogs, posting too many posts, social-ing too many networks, and forgetting to eat, sleep and (well, you know the rest of that sentence).  In an effort to get her life right, she put some questions into the blogosphere (did I spell that right?), and in the interest of being a good new-bloggy friend, I’m going to answer them for her.

Embed from Getty Images

Without further ado; questions, and answers.

How many blogs do you follow?
Somewhere around 100ish, or more.  Some of them only post montly, others post close to hourly.  But I subscribe to everything via email (or have their respective systems email me)- and I set it up to receive an email with every post (not in digests).

Do you read all their posts, please elaborate, ie some, how do you determine which?
Define “all.”  A lot the blogs I follow are image intensive, so you can be like- “yep, that’s a tree” and move on.  I’m also a skimmer, so I wont fully engage with rants or book reviews, unless there’s something I’m interested in.  And after a while, if I catch myself not paying attention to a particular blogs posts, then I unsubscribe.

How do you feel if you miss someone’s post?
I feel like you can always go back and read if you don’t understand what’s going on.  That’s the brilliance of having blogs- there’s a timeline and a history, right there available 24-7.

What is your priority in blogging in your daily routine ie reading up first, commenting, or writing?
My priority is my blog.  So I focus on getting out my regular posts (I aim for 5x week- more about that later), but I read other’s posts as I can (usually while waiting for things to load at work) through out the day, then I use anything that sparks my intrest / inspiration to create a draft (usually just the link and title, but sometimes more) for later writings.

How long do you spend reading up on blogs daily?
All day, and none of the day.  I don’t set time aside for it, but I use it to fill up time that would be otherwise spent starring into space.

How long do you spend commenting, be it return comments or instigating daily?
Maybe half an hour- I make it a point to thank everyone who comments on my work, if I can.  Then, I comment on blogs I follow if I have something to add to the conversation, or I want to encourage the author in their endeavors or a particular event.

Do you go and visit other outside blogs, if so how often and how the heck do you find the time?
I follow a lot of links, down the rabbit hole of the internet.  I also visit any blog that’s author “likes” or comments on my work.  I find the time by opening a lot of tabs, then “reading really fast” at the end of the day when I am ready to go home from work.

How many posts do you write a week?
Currently (with the exclusion of the A-to-Z Challenge) I aim for 5+ a week.  Most of these fall into project specific timelines and formats, so it’s easier to manage.  For example: Top Ten Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, and 5 Favorite Fridays. The plus comes from my attempts:  at least one review up a week (that so doesn’t happen right now), and a traditional blog post, and piece of creative writing.  I manage all of this by utilizing scheduled posts, and working when I have the time, energy, and creativity- it’s not as spontaneous as some, but I need the structure and the time to accommodate my life and regular work.  Also, I would hate to be a feast/famine blogger- I don’t want to subject my readers to my crazy schedule.

Are you involved in external social media, ie facebook, flickr, instagram, if so how much time daily do you spend on this?
Yes, but only really for my personal interests / life.  I do follow other bloggers accounts occasionally, but I blog for fun, and I’m not making a job (or even money) out of it.  If I were more serious about the whole thing, I might start and manage additional accounts, but for now I rather enjoy having a single home online.  I feel like sometimes people get over extended into multiple platforms, and then you’re like a divorced kid who cant remember which house your math homework was last seen in.

Justine (and any other struggling blogger out there) I hope this helps!  If you have more questions- or just need a lot of blog ideas (I have about 100 drafts) email me at

Loves, Mae

PS- WordPress, or Google Chrome, or Microsoft 7 just auto-corrected my email address into “mailbomb.”  Very nice artificial intelligence.  I really feel the love!