Charitys Worth Sharing

I am a firm believer in the general idea of karma.  Call it what you will, Christian good will, Universalism, the Boomerang Effect- but what you put into the world, is what you get out of it.  Here are a few of the people, places, and programs that do great (that’s more than good) in the world- and could use your time, money, and energies.

Mercy Ships
With a floating hospital, and clinics packed in boxes on Jeeps, Mercy Ships can steam up to a coast, and provide life saving treatment to local populations who would otherwise never see a doctor.  Their efforts are not only for natural disasters, but also for long-term sustainable treatment plans for rural and under-served areas of the world, where simple surgeries, medications, and visits are life changing.

Reece’s Rainbow
Reece’s is an adoption grant foundation working to bring special needs children out of “the system” into forever families as quickly as possible.  They do this with a case open-to-close approach, and a battery of fundraising to bring babies home.

Invisible Girl Project
The Invisible Girl Project aims to end the sex selective abortion and infanticide of girls in India by providing safe access to care and education to expectant mothers.

This is a campaign of the Global Network of Neglected Tropical Diseases.  The aim to end 7 of the most deadly, debilitating, senseless diseases in the second and third world, by 2020. 

American Cancer Society
Help cure cancer, support patients, and bring light (and funds) to research and treatment advancements.  American Cancer Society is the host of Relay for Life, and apparently the official sponsor of Birthdays (though I thought my Mom claimed that title).

Sevenly is a company for good.  They are not a non-profit.  But, each week they feature a different charitable organization working to better the world, and for each limited edition item they sell that week- the charity receives $7.  Get good shirts, and great karma.  Also, I wear a size small, for the record.

Do you have another favorite charity?
Share it with me below!

Loves for all,

Thoughts? Share them!

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