Full Disclosure

FCC/Trade Disclosure
As a US citizen and resident I strive to be compliant with all local, state, federal, and international regulations regarding communications, trade and income.  As a simple personal blog, A MaeDay Life does not accept paid advertising.  All advertising, and ad’s seen on this website are operated by my host WordPress.com.  Occasionally some items referenced or reviewed may be linked to sites through affiliate links (to companies such as amazon, Love with Food- all of which I do regular business with personally)- these may result in monetary, credit, or material compensation.  All links, buttons, badges or other connections to outside websites are provided at no cost to readers/users and under the sole discretion of Sarah Lennox.

Social/Moral/Ethical Disclosure
All opinions contained in this blog are that of the author, unless otherwise noted.  These are not and do not reflect the opinions, values, or views of any employer- past present or future.  Any edits to posts after publication (outside of minor grammatical and spelling corrections) will be annotated, should it become necessary for any reason to remove content, a place holder will be used to ensure an explanation for search engines and others links.  Confidential, secure, or safety related information will not be posted, or will be removed immediately after being informed of the situation to ensure the safety and security of those around me in real life.  Comments and track-backs may be deleted in the case of spam, hate speech, or safety and security concerns at the discretion of the administrator.  All sources will be linked, annotated, or referenced- if I have failed to do this adequately, please inform me and I will try to rectify the error.  Any relationships to companies, sponsors, or other private interests will be declared to ensure honest open communication and the opportunity for readers/users to have full understanding of any connections they may take part in.  I am not a lawyer, nor do I claim to be one- I reserve the right to change policies at any time, with or without notice to readers/users, and these statements and the content of this blog do not create a contractual or other legal agreement between any parties.

Should errors. the need for additional annotations, or corrections be apparent, I would appreciate the opportunity to make amends.  Please contact me with the below contact form.


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