Review Policy

All reviews published at A MaeDay Life are the honest opinion of the reviewer, at or near the time of reading / listening / viewing / consuming.  The intent of all reviews will be to join in the ongoing conversation regarding various media types, events and pieces as a member of the online community, sharing a sincere expression of a single persons experience.  They are not meant to represent the views of anyone other than the author.  A MaeDay Life does occasionally accept items for review, but does not accept anything that may bias an opinion (such as money or bribes) or defraud the general audience of this site.  I am committed to providing my honest opinion to any and all visitors.

A MaeDay Life is happy to accept invitations to guest blog, or join in other projects when time and interest permits.

Review Policy for Authors and Publishers
A MaeDay Life may occasionally accept Review Copies, Advance Reading Copies, and other preview materials for book and media review.

To request a review, please use the below contact form, completing it fully.  DO NOT provide other reviewer’s commentary.

By accepting materials, I do not guarantee an immediate review.  While I try to review any material I accept in a timely manner, I may have other commitments, deadlines, or obligations which may prevent me from committing to a specific deadline.  If you have a time frame you would like material reviewed in (prior to a release date, for example), please include that in your request, as it may affect my ability to accept your request.  Valiant attempts will be made for any time sensitive reviews (i.e. ARC’s or previews) to be published in time for releases, blog tours, or other events.

A MaeDay Life is happy to host author interviews, giveaways, blog tours, or other promotional events when these events fit the focus and interest of the blog, and is permissible for time.

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