May 2014: Start Up

What I hope to do: May 2014

Miami Cove, Tillamook Bay, Oregon Coast (c) S.M. Lennox

Things to Read:

Things to Watch:

  • (live) Game of Thrones: Season 4 (Television- HBO)
  • (liveThe Autobiography of Jane Eyre (YouTube webseries- 2014)
  • (live) 19 Kids and Counting (Television- TLC)
  • (live) The Little Couple (Television- TLC)
  • (rewatch) The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (YouTube webseries on DVD- 2013)
  • The Monuments Men (Film- 2014)
  • Austenland (Film- 2013)
  • Catching Fire (Film- 2013)

Things to Blog:

  • Reflections on Lent (from a never Catholic)
  • Weddings and Brides and the Women Who Love Me
  • Internet Dating (and Why I Try It)
  • The Ethical Meat Eater
  • Reviews: Books, Films, Television

Major Events to Come:

  • Rest.  Sleep.  More Rest.
  • Catching up on Blogs (and back-blogs)
  • Start Classics Challenge (I said this a while ago, but still haven’t done it)
  • MaeDay Geek Life
  • MaeDay Mailbox
  • MaeDay Life’s very First Give Away!

March 2014: Start Up

What I think I will do: March 2014

Things to Read


  • (finish) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling
  • (finish) Monument Men by Robert Edsel and Brett Whitter
  • (finish) Empire State of Mind by Zach O’Malley Greenburg
  • (finish) My Story by Elizabeth Smart and Chris Stewart
  • (finish) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
  • (finish) The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Gailbraith aka J.K. Rowling
  • One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Shadow Kiss: Vampire Academy (Book 3) by Richelle Mead


Things to Watch

  • Austenland
  • Tomorrow When the War Began
  • Monument Men

Things to Blog

  • Weddings and Brides and The Beautiful Women who Love Me
  • Downton Abbey
  • DailyPost Responses
  • Alphabet Soup: A to Z challenge introduction

Major Events

  • Start Classics Challenge
  • Reveal My Little Big Post Project
  • End Girl Scout Cookie Sales