Five Favorite Friday: May 23, 2014

First Friday of the Summer!  Time to break out the pick-up trucks, tents and BBQ’s!

  1. ITChef and his hoe cakes.  Seriously you guys, one of my IT guys is a former chef, and he makes us breakfast sometimes, and today we had hoe cakes and holy hell- IT delivered me breakfast (and bacon).  Happy day!
  2. My Old Navy Denim jacket.  It is my silent protest against the excessive use of the air conditioning in my department, since my boss is apparently having hot flashes, and can’t give up her cable knit sweaters so the rest of us don’t die of hypothermia.  (she hates denim in the office, and thinks we shouldn’t wear jackets but she cant say anything, because hello- I’m freezing!)
  3. The abundance of Farmers Markets in the Portland Metro Area.  I think I will hit 2-3 this weekend, just for the atmosphere.
  4. The end of the never finally ending training schedule.  Every night for almost two weeks, I had a meeting or training (teaching and receiving), after work.  It was a rarity to get home before 10, and dinner had become a supply drop situation thanks to Mom and Dad.  Now it’s done, and I’m ready for some happy hour (until next week, when the actual summer activity schedule kicks in).
  5. Memorial Day.  I appreciate the day off, I really do, but more importantly to me, I appreciate what this day is meant to stand for- the service men and women, their acts of sacrifice for our country, and acknowledged them for it.  My father is a US Veteran, and my mother is a Canadian Veteran, and I know just what it cost them (and our family) to serve, and I’m so glad they did.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae