To the Former Girls of Troop 45487


You’ve drifted away into the world without us.  I get it.  I do.  I was young once too.  I understand that your interests changed, you were given the choice between scouts and sports and band and the million other options that young people have today.  For some of you, you didn’t like the expectations placed on you.  You didn’t like the cause and effect of rules and consequences.  Others simply moved away.  Some of you never want to go into the woods or a crafting session or see another cookie again in your lives.

I get it.

But see, scouting to me is more than that stuff.  So here’s some things I hope you learned in your time with Troop 45487.

  • To define your values
  • To represent and defend your values
  • To live by the Girl Scout Law and Promise
  • To leave no trace in the world
  • To leave your mark in the world
  • To compromise
  • To create
  • To celebrate
  • To work hard, and push through the pain
  • To sympathize with those with less than you
  • To empathize with the human condition
  • To serve the world faithfully, regardless of your faith
  • Table manners
  • Knife safety
  • To put up a tent
  • To survive in the rain, snow, and sun without complaint
  • To cook, clean, and care for yourself
  • To make friends
  • To make mentors
  • To be a mentor
  • To do what you love
  • And defend what you do

They say, “Once a Girl Scout, Always A Girl Scout” and I dont know if that’s true… but I promise you, I’ll always be your leader.

XOXO Miss Sarah

I’ve committed to writing 30 letters in 30 days, according to the 30 Day Letter Challenge.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.


Five Favorite Friday: May 15, 2014

Ya’ll I haven’t a night off this week.  As in the last time I wasn’t booked up being a responsible social person was last Thursday… and the next night off I can see is next Tuesday.  I’m drowning in the need to drown my sorrows exhaustion in some soy cream (which I don’t have time to pick up) and laundry doing (I’m about to be going commando if I can’t get it together real soon).

from Summer Girl 101 at

  1. Trader Joe’s Soy Cream.  It is simply the best dairy alternative in town and I’m out, and I don’t have time to go get some at the store, and I’m sad.  Really really sad.
  2. Dad sponsored late night Dairy Queen Blizzard runs.  This is family summer tradition, where I “take the hit” with dairy and accept the stomach ache and internal hives (yes that’s a thing and no it’s not fun).  Dad throws everyone in the car, just before bedtime, and we get whatever we want.  He is Awesome, and our Blizzard season started this week, when we went over 85* in the Valley.
  3. The ever ridiculously helpful BookBoy and his Handyman tendencies.  Since BookBoy is working as a handyman while on break from being a freaking genius at school, I feel guilty using his talents, but I occasionally break down for Girl Scouts and asked.  He came over to help me with one project for the girls (making bead looms) then found me examining another project, and ended up spending half an hour assisting in the dismantling of an old desk to make way for my new desk.  I did not ask for help- he just jumped in.  Because he’s awesome like that.
  4. Spring Cleaning.  Okay maybe not- but I do love the result of culling the shelves, closets and flat surfaces so I can move the book collection that now has a person sized spot on the bed to new home.  With my new IKEA purchases from two weeks ago (and BookBoy’s assistance) I am quickly too freaking slowly moving towards better organization.
  5. Summer Hours at work.  I don’t like getting up early- seriously.  As in there have been punches thrown about it, and I broke multiple alarm clocks, back when people still had alarm clocks (my phone has insurance for this precise reason).  But my boss agreed to a skewed 8-4.30 shift for the summer, so I can do some extra volunteer hours, and get a little sunshine in my life.  I think I’ll take up sleeping.

Hows your week going?  Are you getting any sleep?  Or sunshine at least?

Friday Loves, Mae

Five Favorite Friday: March 21, 2014

What a wonderful end to a very long week.  Thank goodness it’s over, right?  Well no matter how long the week takes- it always gets to Friday… and I’m always happy to share what got me through the week.

  1. My subscription.  Our local DJ’s are getting repetitive, and by listening to books on my almost two hours worth of drive time a day, I feel much more productive (and better about my other current reading habits).
  2. Since I basically live out of a bag and a laundry basket during the week, my Curvyman from Nite Ize prevents one of the greatest first world frustrations in life- tangled headphones.  It’s really the worst part of the brilliance of hair style saving ear buds.

    Curveyman from

  3. I live out of my Custom Laptop Bags from TimBuk2.  I use a medium, that is high reflective (I’m terrified to get run over in the parking-lot, especially on a Friday night) and mine has an awesome teal patterned center panel for a little kick.  It’s roomy, it has a million pockets, and it has absolutely all the features I ever wanted- until the release a new version that I HAVE to have.

    My next TimBuk2, maybe… I haven’t decided.

  4. The end of Girl Scout Cookie Season.  We turned in all of our paperwork.  WOOOOOOO!!! It’s time to… party sleep in past 8 on Saturday.
  5. We The Kings / CTFxC tour vlogs.  Watching Charles’ vlogs from tour are like being a roadie with one of your favorite bands- but with good beds, warm showers, and the lovelyness of a 10 minute limit with the boys.  Seriously, there’s a reason Ally doesn’t tour with them!

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae