FOUND:: Five Favorite Friday: April 4, 2014

FOUND in the Drafts folder…. I don’t really know how I failed to post it- I must have been lost in A-to-Z oh well, here is a bonus bit of happiness!

At 5.30pm on Friday our local Country Music DJ plays a Friday Happy Dance mash up… my goal is to make it in my car before those three minutes are up.  I’m always sad if I don’t get to hear a drunken country crowd chanting “Friday, Friday, Friday” just as a start my car.

  1. Tale of Two Tomatoes A-to-Z Challenge story.  I am fascinated by the way she is detailing the 26 hours up to her arranged marriage.  It is an ingenious an act of serialization, and a rare perspective on the modern experience of an ancient custom.
  2. 19 Kids and Counting’s 13th season, which premiered this week on TLC and focuses on the mating rituals of the ultra-conservative Christian culture in the US.  The immensely complicated act of toeing the line between falling in love (and letting the young fall in love) and being compliant with strict cultural norms makes me glad to be a dater, rather than a courtier.
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  3. Naps.  Really why don’t we get to take them in the Northern-Western hemisphere at work?  And who says that there is an age that is too old for them?  Naps for all, I say!
  4. I F**king Love Science website and Facebook page.  Reporting all of the awesome and fun and important science news, without any of the awkward confused silences of the major media outlets.  Also- how cool is it that this whole social media outlet was born out of a geeky girls desire to entertain her geeky friends?
  5. The Portland jury that convicted a mother of murder.  A four year old may or may not exhibit signs of sexuality or homosexuality- but they certainly should not be hurt by a parent over anything.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae