Five Favorite Friday: March 7, 2014

It’s Friday.  Holy Freaking Alleauea- it’s been a long and tiring week, after a few too many over-scheduled weeks, and I am ready for a nice long lie-in (sleep-in, for those of you who grew up American).  Here are my five favorite things this week:

  1. Safe Travels we were blessed to get back home from my cousin’s Kansas Wedding with just the right breaks so we were only a little late and shorted about an hours sleep.  Other family members didnt make it to work on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but thankfully- everyone made it home without injury.
  2. Costco Brand Rice Cracker Snacks I’ve been starving all week, and Kirkland is one of the best easy to access brands in town.
  3. Intellectual Friend’s sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to have so many educated and intellectually driven people around… and then I have a few bad conversations and I get to turn to Facebook to remind myself the world isn’t entirely filled with idiocy.
  4. Royal Moore Toyota and their body shop.  They fixed the Prius like new, while I was on vacation, and cleaned the inside just to be nice.  They even returned a few lost earrings from under the seats.  Everyone says dont get service from your dealer, but they are AMAZING and I loooooovvvveee their service every time.
  5. Readers in the lunchroom.  There are a few folks who take ten minute reading breaks in the lunchroom, and this totally entertains me because it reminds me of school, when we used to read during free periods at school.  I can still see our little circle sitting too many people at one table.To

What are you in love with this week?

I’m always in love with you, XOXOX Mae

Random Rambles: Microwave Numbers

This came to me while I microwave my mother’s (aka Bear Creek Soup’s) chili for lunch…

The numbers 7, 8, and 9 never get any love. I mean think about it… there are only 60 seconds in a minute- so you’re never hitting those buttons as a seconds option- and when was the last time you microwaved something for that long?

Like never, that’s when- because even if the package says to… you don’t. Be honest!

Anyway- random ramblings,
Love- Sarah Mae