Five Favorite Friday: June 27, 2014

Oh man… it’s Friday.  When did that happen?



  1. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet: A Novel by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick.  I’ve been reading/listening to this adaptation of an adaptation that totally could become an adaptation.  It is all the background secrets and stories that I imagined it and then some.  And so my every free moment is spent on it.  It will be finished by the end of the weekend, and I will get a *glowing* review soon.
  2. Okay you guys, bananas aren’t very glamorous, but they are very very very tasty and easy to eat, and largely guilt free.
  3. The Quotes blanket from Barnes and Nobel BookBoy and Mom both bought me independently.  It’s the perfect weight and cuddlyness and it washes well, and the AC is killing me at home.
  4. Tomorrow’s start of hiking and camping season.  The weather isn’t very summery, but in Oregon you’ve got to take the trail by the horns and run with it.  We’re doing about 5.5 miles, so wish me luck!
  5. The Corporate Operations Team at work.  We had a hard week in terms of the work, and their attitude and cooperative nature really made it not awful.

What do you loves this week?

Happy Friday! Love, Mae

Happy Victoria Day!

As an occasional Canadian, I like to mark the start of Summer with Victoria Day, because it gives us one more week of easy books, car dancing to with the windows rolled down and beach trips without the funny looks.

Happy Victoria Day!!!!

That means summer’s here!  That also means that it’s raining on my parade in Oregon, because this map is 900% accurate for my region until August when it get’s mildly hot.

This is also why I like to close summer with the American Northwest end of summer weather- Halloween, but that’s beside the point.

Because it’s summer!

Time for shorter hours at work, cute skirts, fresh local vegetables, farmers markets during the week, happier coworkers, mini-cations on Thursday nights because it’s not dark at 5pm, eating on patios, festivals, and rain.

Rain.  Because even if it’s the summer- it’s still Oregon.

And it’s only May.

What are you doing this summer?  Tell me in the comments!

Loves, Mae


O is for Ode to the Oregonian

Ode to the Oregonian

Here’s to you, great soggy sir
With wet white socks strapped beneath black Tevas
Marching to the beat of your own Tillicum drum
Fording rivers by bus, amongst the stench of sewage tides
Patiently training Willamette¹ to a non-native tongue
Holding a Nalgene filled with rainfall
And a double dutch hot mocha latte from the Devil’s siren
Let her sing to you admid the mists of the Pineapple Express
Watch as tourists lament the rain you failed to notice
Avoiding impalement by the foreign umbrellas at Market
Gather courage to jump ship and climb the mountain peaks
Summit Shasta, and Hood and the Sisters Three
Scribe your blog across a wooden tablet of the ancient
Cedar trees felled by your own hands in the back forty
Teaching children to bicycle in heavy traffic
Across the Marquim as it swings in the wind
That you once sailed upon in the Gorge as a dare and a bucket list check mark
After a weekend at the Amphitheater listening to bands no one’s heard of
Reading books on the Max, engage in philosophical debate
with a homeless man from out town whom you feed in the end
Dance and drink to the sun gods each spring with micro-brews
Commune with nature as summer fades into the soft fall
And tell them Sasquatch still lives next to DB Coopers door
When others say you can’t live the gloom and doom
Of rainy Oregon.

¹Pronounced “Will Am It”

For the month of April I’ve committed to writing 26 poems, falling into the Alphabet.  To learn more about my project, check out my introduction.  To learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge visit